Why Choose Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of opportunity with fastest growing economy of South-Asia region. The GDP growth is one of the highest consistent. Medical consumables industry is fastest growing too but till today it's import depended. That's why it's golden opportunity to invest in this field. Due to "Investor Friendly" policies of Bangladesh Govt. we are also inviting global manufacturers to be our part and let's "Grow Together".

Points to be considered

  • 5 to 10 years of Tax Holiday and reduced tax depending on area
  • 50% of income derived from export is exempted from tax
  • Tax exemption on royalties, technical knowhow and technical assistance fees and facilities for their repatriation
  • Tax exemption on interest paid on foreign loan
  • Export incentive 10 percent

Why Choose ANC

Medical Device market in Bangladesh has great prospect for the local manufacturer of surgical device. More than 30,000 medical devices are available in Bangladesh. Almost all devices are imported from foreign countries. So far pharmaceutical products are concerned, Bangladesh is self reliant, not only that Bangladesh is exporting pharma products to more than 100 countries of the world. Unfortunately, the situation in quite reverse incase of medical devices. Bangladesh produces only 10 % of its requirement from local source. For 90 % requirement of medical devices, Bangladesh is totally foreign dependent. Only four major companies are producing medical devices in Bangladesh. So tremendous opportunity exists for local entrepreneurs to explore this potential market.

ANC Medical Device Bd. Ltd. is going to be emerged as a global standard medical devices manufacturer in Bangladesh with an aim to be established as benchmark. The main objective of ANC is to manufacture world class medical and surgical devices through application of innovative technology to facilitate safe healthcare services.