About Us

ANC Medical Device Bd. Ltd.

ANC Medical Device Bd. Ltd. established in 2016 and moved forward to set manufacturing facilities of medical devices with latest world class technology with a compliance to national and international regulatory bodies. The projection of this facility is to become one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices to meet local demand as much as possible with a view to export to create a signature in terms of quality identity of Bangladeshi medical devices in global market.

The Corporate office is in Gulshan, Dhaka. The Factory site is at a distance of 33 kilometer North-West from Dhaka city. It is situated beside the Dhaka-Aricha highway & enjoyed all Infrastructural facilities. It has a very nice & open healthy atmosphere.

The Total land of the plant is 242 Decimal comprising of 171,896 Square Feet building area to develop a state-of-the-art medical devices manufacturing facilities.

ANC is the first company in Bangladesh who introduced electrical Injection Molding Machines, Hot runner system Mold, robot system component part manufacturing; high speed extruder machine for soft tubes, color vision and quick image microscopes in Quality inspection system, vision eye technology for in process inspection in Automated Assembly operation of medical devices.

ANC Medical Devices Manufacturing process comprises exclusive In process Quality Control (IPQC) and high level of quality control system including facilities of data preservation in archive as a very exceptional case in Bangladesh. Existing HVAC system of ANC provides requirement of class D to facilitate accuracy of laboratory test results.

ANC is the pioneer local manufacturer of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes. Beside the Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, we also produce Disposable Syringe, Insulin Syringe, Hypodermic/Luer/Disposable Needle, Infusion Set, Alcohol Prep Pad, First Aid Bandage, Scalp Vein Set/Butterfly Needle and many more to come like Buret Set, Blood Transfusion Set, Blood Bag, Surgical Gloves, Examination Gloves, Urine Drainage Bag, Foley catheter, Silicone Catheter, Surgical Tape, Umbilical Cord Clamp, Surgical Suture , Micropipette Tip, Auto Disable Syringe etc.


Through commitment to innovation, quality and excellence, our company aspires to consistently provide finest products at affordable price.


To introduce new medical devices to improve people’s quality of life with best possible solutions for sustainable Healthcare systems.


To make our country self sufficient in medical and surgical devices


We are committed to exceeding the expectation of our customers by developing,manufacturing and delivering safe and effective medical devices. Our products will meet or exceed the applicable national and international standards.